Super100JH Voltages?

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Super100JH Voltages?

Postby machinegun1 » 15 Feb 2017, 21:59


Does anyone know what the voltages are on the Super100JH circuit?

I've been playing around with a 'spice' circuit simulation of the Preamp section (using the schematic: SUPER100JH-60-02 ISS3) and want to check if the simulation is in the ball park. I read in the forum - SteveD had said the HT rail was ~530V so I've used that to start with. The simulation is showing 431V for the rail after R24(10k) and 369V for the rail after R14(10k) and 347V after R13(10k).

V1 pin1,pin6 ~ 239V
V2 pin1 ~ 213V
V3 pin2 ~ 48V
V3 pin1 ~ 290V
V3 pin6 ~ 281V
V3 pin3,pin8 ~ 50V

If anyone can confirm what the voltages actually are that would be awesome


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