DSL40C Tube upgrade

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DSL40C Tube upgrade

Postby FW190D » 29 Sep 2015, 11:18

Thought I'd just post an recent upgrade of mine worth mentioning. I was getting a faint "crackling" sound from my amp since new which in no way affected the sound once I started playing. I decided to upgrade the tubes with a recommendation from numerous sources, especially MartyStrat.

For V1 I went with a TAD 7025WA...V2 is a Mullard reissue 12AX7...V3 & 4 Electro-Harmonix 12AX7. Sound floor is dead silent and the sound is more of the Classic Marshall sound I was looking for. Couldn't have been more happy with a mere $60.00 upgrade. Didn't touch the power tubes since their contribution to sound is virtually non-existent in my opinion. Thought I'd gotten a bad Mullard at first......never knew they didn't glow!

Purchased through Amplified Parts.........quick ship and knowledgeable staff.

Thanks to all

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Re: DSL40C Tube upgrade

Postby surfnorthwest » 29 Sep 2015, 15:15

I am not one who hears much difference in modern preamp tubes, I just stick with the new TungSols, they seem to have the least noise.

Glad it worked out for you, import to make sure the tubes are not cheating you.
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