Modded 2061x with band!

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Modded 2061x with band!

Postby Papus » 26 Jan 2018, 16:13

Took my Papus signature 2061x to rehearsal the other day..... easily kept up with loud drummer & bass.
The perfect wattage without blowing people's heads off.
Keep in mind this thing will crank out about 115dB....... pain and instantaneous permanent hearing damage occurs around 120dB. A 100w Plexi is capable of about 126dB. So don't laugh at 20w ever again.

I love this tone. Screaming & singing bridge pickup, fat & creamy neck pickup, complex harmonics on the lower strings, endless sustain and controllable feedback for days.

Running through a Blackstar 40w 1x10" cabinet - shaves off just the right amount of bottom end to make a nice clear place in the mix for the bass. I'm almost convinced all guitars should be recorded through 10" speakers so you don't have to add unnecessary EQ in the mix.

Born To Be Wild (Solo 2) MP3 320kbps Mono 44.1kHz UVHC6940.mp3 [ 1.1 MiB | Viewed 89 times ]

Foxy Lady (Nut Bend) MP3 320kbps Mono 44.1kHz ISWE2123.mp3 [ 868.37 KiB | Viewed 89 times ]

I Put A Spell On You (Solos) MP3 320kbps Mono 44.1kHz YCHC8700.mp3 [ 6.14 MiB | Viewed 89 times ]

Dime that puppy!!!

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