Codes firmware upgradable

Marshall's all new Digital Modeling Amplifier. 100H, 100C, 50C 25C

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Codes firmware upgradable

Postby surfnorthwest » 01 Feb 2016, 05:29

One of the questions I was unable to answer until now was if the Codes firmware and software is upgradable.

The short answer is yes. So in the future other effects and amp models can be added.

The USB connection can be used to upgrade CODE's firmware and to stream audio and MIDI data both ways.
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Re: Codes firmware upgradable

Postby Torshalla » 01 Feb 2016, 12:48

Pretty cool...
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Re: Codes firmware upgradable

Postby skinnyj » 01 Feb 2016, 14:56

Cool... The 25 or 50 watter is looking better everyday.

I called my local store and he said he could order me one. He was at NAMM, and said the amp sounded good, but he likes the Vox modelers more. Looking at the features, it would seem the Marshall has a slight edge (more models, bigger speakers, more wattage...) The only advantage I could see for Vox is that they are slightly cheaper.
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