Dr. Z Amps Releases Kemper Profiles

Member Profiles for the Kemper Amp

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Dr. Z Amps Releases Kemper Profiles

Postby surfnorthwest » 11 Jul 2017, 05:29

Wow, now not only can you have the best of Marshall with the Marshall Museum Profiles, but now Dr Z has profiled all of his amps. Very cool.

Cleveland, OH (July 10, 2017) -- Taking a bold step in the direction of the digital modeling realm, Dr. Z Amps has profiled 12 of their lauded amplifier models for release as official profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp. Profiled under the guidance of Dr. Z himself, Nashville recording musician and touring guitarist Dave Baker provided his chops for these profiles and Dr. Z approved the resulting product.

When introduced to the Kemper Profiling Amp, Dr. Z was amazed by the quantum leap in digital modeling the Kemper is known for, but wanted to accurately represent the sound of his amplifiers and offer a curated pack to the Kemper Profiling community. A total of 36 profiles were made of 12 Dr. Z amplifiers.

The amps profiled are as follows:

3 - Carmen Ghia
3 - Z28
3 - Maz 18
3 - Maz 18 NR
2 - Route 66
5 - EMS
2 - EZG 50
3 - Z Wreck
5 - Z-Lux
3 - Antidote
3 - DB 4
3 - Cure

The Official Dr. Z Amps Kemper Profile pack is available for $35.00 at the Z-Gear Store
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Re: Dr. Z Amps Releases Kemper Profiles

Postby jaguarguy » 11 Jul 2017, 05:59

A great deal on these profiles. Doc is taking control of his own tone before someone else does - a very smart move. If this goes over well, Doc has asked if he can borrow a few of my "vintage" Zs to profile.
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Re: Dr. Z Amps Releases Kemper Profiles

Postby Torshalla » 11 Jul 2017, 13:39

Nice... Kemper rocks :)
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